Employee Spotlight: Aniceto Charles

February 26, 2015

Aniceto Charles is a Senior Systems Consultant for Marick Group and has been part of the team since 2014. Prior to joining Marick, Aniceto worked for several years in the LMS world for big-league players including Plateau, SuccessFactors and SAP.

WHS. DoD. What?

In his Marick role, Aniceto serves as the hard-working LMS specialist who jumps in and helps save the day by managing all sorts of LMS tasks for his clients, one of which is WHS at the DoD (the Washington Headquarters Services at the Department of Defense). Try saying that three times fast! As a service provider for the Dept of Defense, WHS manages online employee training for dozens of their organizations, and that training is made possible with the help of Aniceto and the DoD's partnership with Marick Group.

Each work day is different for Aniceto, and he likes it that way. His responsibilities range from setting up new LMS systems for clients to helping with training and demos, working with data, or troubleshooting a technical challenge. At the end of the day, it's all about helping his clients find new and better ways to use their learning management system to its full potential. And the end result is less stress and more success for everyone.

The movement to mobile

When it comes to the talent and learning management industry, Aniceto agrees that a lot has changed in recent years. One of the biggest changes is the shift to online learning and the need for mobile access. It's all about getting learning content delivered in the most convenient way, and in the fastest amount of time. The industry is embracing this shift with innovative technologies, and Aniceto sees firsthand how Marick is equipped and ready to help their clients adapt to this new way of teaching and learning.

Marick magic

So what it is about the Marick Group that makes them a perfect partner for today's industry? Aniceto has the answer.

"We work smarter, it's that simple. We do a lot of work, but we never take shortcuts. It's about learning and working smarter as a team and sharing our vast wealth of knowledge with one another for the good of our clients. If there's something I don't know, there is sure to be someone on the team who has the answer and is more than willing to share their wisdom and expertise. We get smarter every day because of our teamwork mentality."

Watch out, Bobby Flay

When Aniceto isn't serving his clients, you'll find him serving up some tasty cuisine to friends and family. He has a passion for cooking, and his specialties are Jamaican and Venezuelan dishes. He recently branched out to Italian cooking and always enjoys an opportunity to take his culinary skills to another level.