Employee Spotlight: Janice Ware

November 21, 2014

Janice joined the Marick Group crew in 2013. As Senior Learning Consultant, she takes on an assortment of tasks for Marick, from internal business development to project management.

From mortgages to Marick Group

Although Janice’s degree is in Education, her first job was in the finance field which paved the way to her career in instructional design. Her job as a mortgage processor evolved into a training position and she was soon teaching employees how to process mortgages.

Janice’s interest in training and technology grew, and she eventually landed in the consulting world, designing and developing web-based training for large government agencies like Freddie Mac and Sallie Mae. Today, Janice is passionate about supporting Marick Group in their quest to deliver top-notch training programs to federal agencies and private enterprises.

​A big project takes flight

There’s an exciting project in the works at Marick Group and Janice is thrilled to be part of it. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a Marick client, asked for support in transitioning their key educational outreach program from their regional offices to their centralized Human Resource group.

The FAA’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Aviation & Space Education Program, known as STEM AVSED, provides learning opportunities for middle and high school students throughout the United States. STEM AVSED’s goal is to raise awareness of the career opportunities available in aviation and aerospace, while stressing the importance of having STEM skills in order to secure those jobs.

Janice’s role in the FAA project is an important one. She is assisting Marick’s FAA client in managing all aspects of the program transition and is developing a new program structure – from the implementation plan to the standards of procedure, evaluation and reporting tools, a knowledge-transfer database, a redesigned program website, and internal communications. Janice and the Marick team are proud to be actively involved in helping the FAA educate students on the importance of STEM and the AVSED program.

Why Marick Group?

If you ask Janice what makes Marick Group so great, she’ll share many reasons. She believes the team’s broad skill sets work well together and create an environment where each member can expertly support one another when it comes to their clients and projects.
Janice also thinks the Marick team is well-prepared to tackle the challenges that face the talent and learning management industry, like more sophisticated clients and technology.

“In today’s landscape, clients know what they want – but they don’t always know how to go about getting it. Marick is the go-to partner that can deliver a customized solution that perfectly matches what the client needs.”

​Swim. Bike. Run. Repeat.

When she’s not wearing her Marick hat, Janice enjoys spending time with her husband and two teenage children. Traveling and competing in triathlons are some other items on her to-do list. She’s completed two Ironman races which is a 2.4 mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile run (yes, that would be a marathon). And if you’re exhausted just from reading that sentence, you’re not alone.