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Mike McKinney

Chief Technology Officer

What attracted you to Marick?

I’ve partnered with Marick in the past and have always admired the passion demonstrated by both the ownership and the employees toward the customer mission. It is this passion that will allow Marick to continue to innovate and provide additional services to our customers. Exciting times indeed!


Nearly two decades' experience delivering quality solutions in both the commercial and federal space including America Online, Boeing, DoD, DHS and the Intelligence Community.

Hobbies/Causes/Charities (any or all of the above):

I enjoy anything you can do at the beach… and Snowboarding.

​What was your first job?

Maybe not my first job, but the most memorable from my childhood was working at a golf course driving an old three-on-the-tree before I was of driving age.

What industries would you say you know well?

If I didn’t say the technology industry, I might get a few questions thrown my way.

Three things that many people don't know about me:

  1. I started out wanting to be a college professor… I still enjoy explaining concepts and expanding the capabilities of others.
  2. I played both Rugby and Football in college. (glutton for punishment)
  3. I once lived, bartended and surfed in Hawaii. (yes, it was as great as it sounds)

What is your work style?

I like to collaborate with teams but also like to tackle difficult tasks alone when need be. Another aspect of my work style is knowledge sharing… I’m a huge proponent of immediately disseminating best practice or knowhow to strengthen the skillset of the entire team.

the rest of the crew