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Maryanne Wilson

What is your personal quote?

S*&* happens. Actually, I don’t have one.

What attracted you to Marick?

The workings of the Mar/ick brains intrigued me. The flexible work schedule. The professionalism even in the most challenging moments (no, it’s not good customer service to inflict pain; breathe instead). The job posting on the Marick website was the clincher.


Customer service (being mindful that everyone has a story that impacts their attitudes and you may be the unintentional target at the moment), accounting, retail, publishing, yelling at Excel, Word, PowerPoint – at any given time.


Commack High School; A.A.S. in Business Administration, Daytona State College; FAA Center for Management & Executive Leadership. Hey, I learned a LOT while I was there. And that’s why I’m here!


Visiting wineries, fishing, following NASCAR, reading. Volunteering with the Friday Feasts group that feeds local, low-income families dinner every Friday night.

I have lived and/or worked in the following cities

I grew up on Long Island and had a one-year stint in Saudi Arabia in the early teen days. Adult life took me to Florida for 8 years. Currently, Northern VA.


Still trying to master English. I understand some Italian, but can’t speak it. French in 7th grade.

What was your first job?

Telemarketer, selling the New York Post. It was awful.

What industries would you say you know well?

Accounting/payroll, Learning Management Systems in the FAA.

Do you have any musical talents?

Not one. I mean, really, nothing. It’s pretty pathetic.

Three things that many people don't know about me

  1. I watch CNBC.
  2. I hate “reality” shows. Reality? Really?
  3. I have a business degree, yet, I had to take algebra three times in college before passing it.
  4. Now I have to come up with more things people don’t know about me and not tell anyone.

Do you have any certifications?

A.S. in Business Management. Writing for Children’s Magazines, Institute of Children’s Literature, CT.

What is your work style?

Animated intensity with a touch of sarcasm…er, humor. Casual, but purpose driven. Try to take things in stride. I like organized, on-time meetings. Be prepared. But, I’m also always working on improving and adjusting the style.

the rest of the crew