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Anthony Hiner

Business Analyst

What attracted you to Marick?

I was attracted to Marick by the amazing people that work here and the dedication of the company to improving the training industry.


I have made my career in adult education and online learning. I came to Marick via John Deere, where I worked as a SuccessFactors Super/System Administrator.


Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Iowa (Go Hawks!).


I love to travel with my wife and spend time with our two German Wirehaired Pointers.

I have lived or worked in the following cities:

Rock Island, Illinois, and Iowa City, Iowa.


Somewhat fluent in Spanish and sometimes fluent in English.

What was your first job?

I worked as a busboy at a fried chicken restaurant.

What industries would you say you know well?

Training, Adult Education, Learning Management Systems, Construction and Forestry.

Do you have any musical talents?

Not really, but I listen to music very well and I am from the original hometown of the Blues Brothers.

What is your work style?

My approach to work is to dive right in. I thrive in a chaotic environment with multiple projects/tasks to complete at the same time. I love to problem-solve and the more complex the problem, the better.

the rest of the crew